Our mission is to assure the complete purchase of remaining stock from our current suppliers and to act as sole vendor of this stock in the market in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Our systematic long-term co-operation with (carefully selected) trustworthy suppliers allows the marketing and sale of stock to be as transparent, stable and reliable as possible even in the case of bulk quantities.

This concept has proved itself to be enormously successful for all parties involved.

This is shown to us by the long-term co-operation with our partners sins our operation began as a (sole proprietorship, IP) in 2006.

Our catalogue is constantly expanding with new labels. We view this as a sign of mutual gratitude and appreciation!

Through exclusivity of this concept, our customers and partner in Eastern Europe have the assurance that the same stock will not be purchased by competing remaining stock vendors at a lower price, thus allowing them to remain competitive in their own geographic region.

In this way we are able to protect the market for our bulk purchasers and reward them with loyalty and discount prices, giving them the opportunity to sell more effectively.